Bank accounts for bankrupts

I have tried to find the help promised by the insolvency service on what accounts are available for bankrupts, but cannot.  There is a document on bank accounts which has a link through to the money advice service, but I could not find the promised list of bankers prepared to open accounts for those who are insolvent.

The insolvency service suggests that “basic bank accounts” which do not have overdraft facilities may be suitable for bankrupts.  The banks may see it differently.  Here are some references to bankruptcy which I could find:

Halifax – easycash

Even if you’ve been bankrupt in the past, you may still be able to open an Easycash account. Just show us the original bankruptcy discharge letter with its original seal

What this means is that bankrupts cannot have this account – they need to be discharged first

TSB – cash account

When you apply for an account with us, we’ll carry out some standard credit checks. We can still open an account for you if you have a poor credit history. But, if your credit reference agency file shows that you have a history of fraud or are an undischarged bankrupt, we won’t be able to accept your application.


I did look at various other bank accounts, but could not find any reference to bankruptcy except to say that if you become bankrupt the account may well be frozen.


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