Why are the boomers so angry?

No, its not really about Borrowing, but I have just spotted this article and was fascinated by the possibility that older people have just decided to kill their golden goose.

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

A quote about Brexit supporters by a friend of mine last week attracted a lot of attention when I stuck it on Twitter yesterday.

This is the last ‘fuck you’ from the baby boomers. They took the secure corporate and government jobs with the guaranteed pay rises and final salary pension schemes and benefitted from property they bought cheap and sold dear. They burnt the bridges behind them by colluding with the dismantling of the very things that had brought them prosperity. Their last act will be to burn the economy before they die.

It even made the Independent. Some people were offended by it but, for the majority of those who commented, it seemed to strike a chord, suggesting there is at least a grain of truth in it.

It is certainly true that the pollsters are recording the highest support for Brexit among older voters. YouGov data

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The bonus puzzle | LARS P. SYLL

Sometimes I come across something that makes me wonder.  This is one of those somethings.  Perhaps bankers bonuses exist because they can get them, not because they help make banks more profitable?

Diane Coyle has an excellent article in the FT about an apparent puzzle. Why do executives get incentive bonuses (extra pay on meeting some target), but most workers do not? Her article is based ar…

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Tell the IMF to count the cost of public-private partnerships – Jubilee Debt Campaign UK

The International Monetary Fund is reviewing its framework for judging whether countries have a debt crisis. But currently, the huge hidden costs of public-private partnerships are not included.

Source: Tell the IMF to count the cost of public-private partnerships – Jubilee Debt Campaign UK