But surely it’s too radical

I was struck by two thoughts as I looked through my previous posts:

  1. It’s all a bit complicated – I do not seem to be able to express the technical stuff very easily.
  2. It’s all a bit too radical – no-one is going to go for the idea (see the about page)

I am sorry about the first, but I will work on my posts and see if I can come up with better ways of expressing the ideas

As to the second, I am reading Mark Stevenson’s An pptimists tour of the future“An optimists Tour of the future” and was struck by the big thing in chapter 12 “A little bit of a bloody big amount,” which is that a radical change to farming methods can make a huge difference to the future of farming (in arid countries like Australia), as well as make a big difference to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The farming idea is both radical and simple.  Instead of current farming methods, try to make cattle behave much more like a roaming herd.  And apparently it works as this talk at the TEDx Dubbo conference (in August 2011) explains.  Here is one slide from his talk:

Tony Lovell comparison

So radical can work.  But it is not easy to implement – sometimes you have to let go of the things you think you know (which is why farmers can see the improvement to neighbours land but do not make the same changes themselves).