Solvent Land

I started talking about Solvent Land back in June 2014 and have realised that I want to be able to refer back to this again, so here is a brief explanation and outline.

When trying to talk about a different way at looking at the financial world, using the same old words can create confusion and you might associate things with particular words which I would never have thought of.  So I have “created” solvent land as a place with a different vocabulary to try to avoid these problems.


dough  – money you carry around in your pocket

doubloons – electronic money.  This can be denominated in a number of different currencies such as “sterling-doubloons”, “euro-doubloons”, “dollar-doubloons”

vault. – an electronic home for doubloons

vault-minder – an organisation which keeps track of how many doubloons people and organisations have.  You have to have at least one vault-minder if you have any doubloons and will probably have to pay the minder for tracking and transfer services

plastic doubloons .- a convenient way of carrying the information needed to transfer doubloons to (and sometimes from) another person or organisation


Some facts of life in solvent land

  1. If you really want something and you don’t have enough doubloons now, you will have to save up for it – putting aside doubloons in your vault every week or month until you do have enough.  If you get paid in dough you can take this to the  and get it converted into doubloons.  And you can turn doubloons into dough if you need more to carry around in your pocket.
  2. If you want to do something big which needs more doubloons than you have, you will have to find someone, or a group of people, with enough doubloons.  They will either give you the doubloons or invest it in some way – for example buying what you need and renting it to you.



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